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The company is mainly engaged in various experimental equipment, including pipettes, sample cups, test tubes, test tube racks, centrifuge tubes, cryotubes, petri dishes and other series, with more than 100 varieties.

  • The bottle-top dispenser can perform precise and highly repeatable dispensing operations; when dealing with some corrosive liquids or solvents, it can ensure the safety of operators and experimental environments.
  • When conducting research in analytical testing, a small or trace amount of liquid is generally measured with a pipette.
  • Pipette tip are laboratory automation consumables designed, tested and optimized for Shengchuang pipettes.
  • The pipette pump is a product used for the bidirectional transfer of liquids and the cleaning of spilled liquids, and the type has a single-channel pipette.
  • Sample cups and cuvettes are a common laboratory equipment for spectral analysis.
  • PCR tubes are small tubes designed for polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Choose from autoclavable and/or RNase-, DNase- and DNA-free. Multiple colors for easy sample identification.
  • Tubular sample containers, laboratory centrifuge parts.
  • An instrument commonly used in chemical laboratories as a reaction vessel for small quantities of reagents.
  • A laboratory vessel for microbial or cell culture consisting of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a lid, generally made of glass or plastic.
  • Conical flasks, volumetric flasks, hydrometers, self-supporting cylinders, graduated pipettes, measuring cylinders/cups, glass tubes, glass rods and other auxiliary equipment.

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Zhejiang Shengchuang Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of pipettes, sample cups, test tubes, test tube racks, centrifuge tubes, cryotubes, petri dishes and other series

, with more than 100 varieties. The company operates in strict accordance with the market standards of medical device products, all of which have passed the IS013485 certification, and all the main product pipette series have passed the EU CE certification.

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All kinds of products have been approved by Shanghai Food and Drug Administration and Shanghai Technical Supervision Administration, and operate in strict accordance with the market access standards for medical device products, and have passed ISO13485 certification. The pipette series products passed CE in January 2008 Certification.

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