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Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs
  • Small pipettes for school science labs

Small pipettes for school science labs

Ergonomic: Ergonomically designed, lightweight plunger force reduces repetitive strain injuries. The digital display clearly reads the volume settings. Needle ejector makes changing needles easy and fast.
Easy to calibrate: Every pipette is fully calibrated before shipment. Using the tools and instructions provided, users can easily calibrate.
We have a professional sales team. Regarding the use and maintenance of single-channel micropipettes, we provide 7*24 hours of professional online service, and we will humbly accept all opinions to make you satisfied.
Item No Product description Packing units
6019017 4ul  (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019018 5ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019019 7ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019020 10ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019021 15ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019022 20ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019023 25ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019024 30ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019025 40ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019026 50ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019027 76ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019028 80ul (Quantitative) Individually packed
6019029 100ul (Quantitative) Individually packed

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Zhejiang Shengchuang Laboratory Equipment Co.,Ltd. has won high praise from customers at home and abroad with its high quality products and thoughtful service. Shengchuang is a professional Custom Small pipettes for school science labs Company and Small pipettes for school science labs Manufacturers.

The company mainly produces nearly a hundred kinds of pipettes, sample cups, test tubes, test tube racks, centrifuge tubes, cryopreservation tubes, petri dishes, etc., and can also develop and produce Small pipettes for school science labs according to the drawings or samples provided by customers. All of our products operate in strict accordance with the market access standards for medical device products and have passed ISO13485 certification.

Relevant Certificates

Our company provides a complete quality inspection certificate, which guarantees our entire line of products in a variety of ways.

More product information about Small pipettes for school science labs

The small pipettes are typically designed with user-friendly features to facilitate ease of use and to ensure safety in the school environment. Some key aspects of small pipettes for school science labs are:

1. Compact and Lightweight: These pipettes are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy for students to handle and manipulate. The ergonomic design ensures comfort during prolonged use.

2. Simplified Operation: Small pipettes for school science labs are often designed with simplified operation to cater to students' understanding and capabilities. They typically feature intuitive controls, such as single-button aspiration and dispensing, to make the pipetting process accessible and straightforward.

3. Fixed or Adjustable Volume: Depending on the model, small pipettes for school science labs may offer fixed or adjustable volume settings. Fixed volume pipettes are pre-set to a specific volume, while adjustable volume pipettes allow students to select the desired volume within a certain range.

4. Durable and Safe Materials: These pipettes are constructed using durable and safe materials suitable for the school environment. They are designed to withstand regular use and potential accidental drops. Additionally, the materials used are non-toxic and chemical-resistant, ensuring the safety of students and compatibility with common laboratory solutions.

5. Educational Purposes: Small pipettes for school science labs are primarily intended for educational purposes, serving as teaching tools to familiarize students with fundamental laboratory techniques and principles of liquid handling. They enable students to practice precise measurement and accurate liquid transfer, essential skills in scientific experimentation.

6. Visual Indicators: Small pipettes for school science labs often feature clear and visible volume indicators. These indicators allow students to easily read and monitor the volume being aspirated or dispensed, enhancing their precision and accuracy in liquid handling.

7. Disposable Tips: To promote hygiene and prevent cross-contamination between samples, these pipettes are compatible with disposable tips. Disposable tips eliminate the need for cleaning and minimize the risk of sample carryover or contamination, ensuring the integrity of experiments and results.

8. Cost-Effective Solution: Small pipettes for school science labs are designed to be cost-effective for educational institutions. They offer reliable performance at an affordable price, making them accessible to schools with limited budgets while still providing the necessary functionality for educational purposes.

9. Safety Features: These pipettes may incorporate additional safety features to ensure safe handling by students. For example, some models have tip ejection mechanisms that prevent contact with used tips, reducing the risk of exposure to potentially hazardous substances.

10. Educational Resources: Manufacturers often provide educational resources, such as user manuals, videos, and experiment guides, to support teachers in incorporating pipetting techniques into their curriculum. These resources help students learn proper pipetting techniques and understand the scientific principles behind the experiments.

11. Calibration: Some small pipettes for school science labs may come pre-calibrated, eliminating the need for regular calibration by teachers. This simplifies maintenance and ensures accurate measurements without requiring specialized equipment or expertise.

These small pipettes are commonly used in school science labs for activities such as chemical reactions, titrations, preparing solutions, and conducting simple biology experiments. They provide hands-on experience and enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts through practical application.

The small pipettes for school science labs are specialized laboratory instruments designed for educational purposes in school settings. With their compact size, simplified operation, durability, and focus on safety, these pipettes provide students with the opportunity to develop essential laboratory skills and gain practical experience in liquid handling techniques, fostering their understanding and interest in scientific disciplines.